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Air Pollution

What is air pollution?

What is Particulate Matter?

Air Pollution from Fossil Fuels

Different Ways to Get Energy

Other Causes of Air pollution

Can the Air Inside be Polluted Too?

Eight things YOU can do to help keep our air clean!

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Eight things YOU can do to help keep our air clean!

  1. Instead of going places in the car, take more public transportation like buses, trains, cable cars and subways.

  2. Ride your bike, walk, and carpool to help reduce the air pollution that comes from driving our cars and trucks.

  3. Ask your parents to help save energy by weather proofing your home. That means making sure all the window and door cracks are sealed so that cold air can't come inside. Doing this will save money on your energy bills too!

  4. Burn less wood in your fireplace. If you want to have a fire, use a pre-formed log instead of natural wood logs. These pre-formed logs make less air pollution.

  5. If anyone at home smokes cigarettes, ask them to please smoke outside.

  6. Ask your parents to use only housecleaners, hairsprays and air fresheners that come from a pump spray, not an aerosol spray can. They can also look for more "natural" cleaners and sprays that don't contain harmful chemicals.

  7. Fill your house with living plants! Putting lots of green plants in your home helps keep the air fresh and clean. Many plants actually absorb air pollution, in addition to carbon dioxide. In exchange, plants make oxygen for us to breathe.

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