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Our Home. Our City. Our Planet.

Hey Kids! Learn more about the magic of nature and how protecting the environment helps our home, our city and our planet!

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Watch Phoebe the Phoenix's video about composting & recycling at school!


San Francisco Wildlife

The Power of Pollinators

Saving Resources

What are Natural Resources

The Dirt on Composting

Composting with the FBI

Energy - Our Powerful Future

Trees Please

Talking Toxics

Poisons on our Planet

Biological Magnification

Those Pesky Pests!

Keep Bugs Away

Food Chain

The Problem with Mercury

Our Water

The Pacific Garbage Patch

The River of Life

Our Air

Air Pollution

What is Global Warming

Healthy Cities

Green Building

Our Urban Forest

Environmental Justice

World Environment Day (PDF)

How Does Your Garden Grow?

Gardening with Less Water

Local Food is Good Food

The History of San Francisco's Food

Fresh Food for Everybody