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Five things YOU can do to make your home green!

green buildingWhat is it made from?

The first thing to think about when designing a green building is what materials will be used to build it. Will it be made from wood that comes from endangered, old growth forests that are in danger of disappearing around the world, or will it be made from wood that was salvaged or reused from an old farmhouse that is falling down? A green building would never be made using new wood from an old growth forest, because this would destroy the forest and harm the animals and wildlife that live there.

Since green buildings are environmentally friendly, they are made using different materials that don't harm the environment. For instance, we can use straw bales or bundles to build a home, or we can follow the example of the Native Americans and build our homes using earth or adobe. This is called earth architecture and is a very sturdy and environmentally friendly way to build a home. In fact, buildings made from earth architecture thousands of years ago in ancient Persia are still standing today!