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What are Decomposers?

Nature's Way of Recycling

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Compost Helps Food Grow!

What Happens When We Don't Compost?

Five Things YOU can do to Compost!

Compost Helps Food Grow!

As we know, all food comes from the earth. Although the earth is large, only a fraction of our land or soil can be used for growing food. This section of land is called topsoil and is a thin layer of soil on top of the earth's crust. For many reasons, only a small amount of topsoil is available for growing food.

Compost keeps our remaining topsoil healthy by adding moisture so that topsoil doesn't blow away with wind. Compost also adds air to the soil, which allows water to sink in and reach plant roots. Plants grow best when soil is moist, airy, and full of nutrients. Imagine an apple core breaking down and turning into vitamin rich compost with the help of decomposers. When this compost is added to the soil in a field, another apple tree can grow to be strong and healthy.