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Lending library audio cassettes


Adventures on the Air Cycle
Banana Slug String Band
Grades: K-6
Songs about air pollution and general ecology. Songs include: Nature Rap, Air Cycle, Brown Air, Lizards, Tide pool Boogie, Big Red Rap, No Bones Within, We're Animals, Ecology, Everything Needs a Home.

Barley Bread and Reindeer Milk
The Van Manens
Grades: K-6
Songs about the earth and world peace. Songs include: Imagine a Peaceful World, I Love My Home, Under One Sky, Peace Will Come, World Pledge, Warm Fuzzies.

The Great Garbage Concert for Kids
Glenn McClure and Paula Stopha
Grades: K-5
The audio cassette is accompanied by an activities booklet that describes how to make musical instruments out of reusable items, composting ideas, and other activities that relate to the songs. The songs include: Reduce-Reuse-Recycle, Old McDonald Had Some Trash, Watch Your Garden Grow, The Rain Forest, Worms, Worms, Worms, Separation Blues, and You'll Never Throw me Away.

Dirt Made My Lunch
Banana Slug String Band
Grades: K-6
Songs about cycles and animals. Songs include: Dirt Made My Lunch, Solar Energy, Roots Stems and Leaves, I'm a Tree, River Song, Quail, Indian Prayer, Decomposition, Banana Slug, Newts Salamanders and Frogs, Bats Eat Bugs, Nocturnal Animals.

Slugs At Sea
Banana Slug String Band
Grades: K-6
Songs about the ocean include: Ocean Communities, Tide Pool Boogie, Life on the Shore, Butts Up, Giant Kelp Forest, Water Cycle Boogie, Blue Planet, Estuary Life, and Ocean Rap.

Songs For The Earth
Banana Slug String Band
Grades: K
Songs include: Banana Slug Song, Where Is Away?, A Song For The Earth, Solar Energy, Burn Burn Burn That Gasoline, Let's Give Peace A Chance.