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The Effect of Toxins

Using man-made toxins has many different effects or consequences on our health and environment. One such toxin is chlorine. Chlorine is a common chemical used in many different ways. It is used to bleach or whiten things like paper and clothes; it is poured into water supplies to disinfect or kill germs, and it is used to make or manufacture plastics, pesticides and many other materials around the world.

Although household chlorine products like chlorine bleach are useful in killing germs and bleaching things white, it can be dangerous if we inhale the fumes or mix it with other household chemicals. Fortunately there are other types of bleaches that do not contain chlorine. These chlorine-free bleaches are much safer for us to use.

The biggest problem with chlorine is that it can harm nature. Whenever substances with chlorine are burned they create a different substance we don't want called by-products. One type of by-product is called dioxins. Dioxins are some of the most poisonous substances on our planet. Some dioxins are created in nature, like when volcanoes erupt, but most of the dioxins on the planet are man-made from manufacturing with chlorine or burning substances with chlorine. When dioxins are put into the air or water, they get absorbed in the bodies or fatty tissue of fish and animals as well as humans. Scientists say that even small amounts of dioxins can cause cancer, birth defects and other illnesses in people and animals. Even though toxic chemicals are still being used around the world, there are many things we can do to use safer, less-toxic products that don't poison our planet, the animals, or our bodies.