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Water: The River of Life

How much water is there?

Will water ever disappear from Earth?

Will we have fresh water forever?

How does water get polluted?

Twelve Things YOU can do to Save our Water

Will water ever disappear from Earth?

The water that you used to brush your teeth this morning is the same water that has been on Earth for millions of years! That's because the earth has a way of recycling water, called the water cycle. First, water goes through a process called evaporation. In this step, the heat of the sun turns water into vapor or steam, which then floats up into the sky. When enough water evaporates, it condenses or collects together in a cloud. Precipitation like rain, hail, sleet or snow then falls from the cloud onto the earth. Most of this precipitation falls into the ocean, but some of it falls onto our mountains, rivers and streams, replenishing or refilling our fresh water supply. This endless recycling of water is how Earth has maintained its fresh water for millions of years. In fact, it's possible that the last lemonade you sipped contained water that was once drunk by Cleopatra or a Tyrannosaurus Rex!