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What Can We Recycle?

Use the blue carts in San Francisco to recycle:

  • All paper products:
  • Old homework, cereal boxes, junk mail, phone books, magazines, wrapping paper, paper bags, newspapers, copy paper

  • Glass bottles and jars:
  • Food jars and drink bottles

  • Metal cans:
  • Soup cans, pet food cans, empty paint cans, empty aerosol (spray) cans, Band-aid cans

  • Aluminum products:
  • Soda cans, aluminum foil, and pie tins.

  • All plastic bottles and jugs:
  • Milk and juice jugs, water bottles, soda bottles, vitamin bottles, bubble bath and shampoo bottles

  • All hard plastics:
  • Yogurt and salsa tubs, straws, plastic utensils, plastic toys, plastic cups, coffee cup lids. **Plastic wrap, Styrofoam, and plastic bags cannot be recycled in the blue cart.

To recycle these items below, you’ll need to take them to a special drop-off location, or arrange for a special pick-up at your home: www.sfrecycling.com/sfhhw/index.php?t=d

  • Batteries
  • Cell phones
  • Computers
  • Motor oil
  • Paint
  • Fluorescent light bulbs
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