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global warmingClimate Change

While global warming makes the average temperature of the planet get warmer, it doesn't mean that coconut trees will start growing in Iceland! Global warming can actually make places around the world get colder as well as hotter. That's because global warming affects the climate. Climate is the normal weather pattern of a particular area. For instance, the climate in San Francisco is normally rainy in the winter, foggy in the summer and sunny in the autumn. When the climate changes, it means that over time, the weather patterns change. In the case of San Francisco, winters might get warmer and have less rainfall, and summers might get colder and foggier. In other parts of the world, global warming may bring about climate changes where hurricanes get stronger and tornadoes become more frequent. Droughts might happen in areas that were previously moist, and floods may happen in areas that were dry. Simply put, global warming brings about serious changes in the weather. It's even starting to melt the ice at the North and South Poles!