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Junk food is what we call food that is so refined it becomes unhealthy to eat. Junk food is also food that often contains harmful chemicals that give food artificial or fake flavor and fake color. Junk food typically has too much salt, too much sugar, and too much fat. Junk food does not have enough nutrients or vitamins to keep our bodies healthy. While junk food might taste good, if we eat too much of it, over time it can make our bodies sick.

Eating too much junk food can cause diseases like diabetes, heart attacks and cancer. Eating too much junk food can make our bodies too heavy or overweight. And, eating too much junk food can also make it hard for us to sit still in class and pay attention to our lessons! Some junk foods include: soda, chips, cheese puffs, cookies, donuts, french fries, and candy.

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