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Although everybody has a right to healthy food, not everybody has access to, or a way to get that healthy food. One example is the Bayview Hunters Point neighborhood in San Francisco, California. Many of the 33,000 residents who live there are often limited to shopping at corner stores, fast food restaurants, and liquor stores for their food needs.

Because these fast food restaurants and stores don't carry fresh, healthy foods, the people that live in this neighborhood have to travel very far when they simply want a fresh apple or some real orange juice instead of orange soda. Some people have to take three buses or ride on a bus for over an hour just to get to the nearest supermarket!

When people have access to fresh, healthy foods and are able to get it easily without having to pay too much or travel too far, this is called food security. Simply put, food security means that everybody, no matter where they live, has the ability to get fresh foods that are healthy and affordable. Visit sfenvironment.com for more information.