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Natural Resources

Where are natural resources found?

Animals need natural resources too!

Will natural resources be around forever?

Three things YOU can do to save natural resources!

Animals need natural resources too!

Besides providing humans with natural resources, the earth also provides habitats or homes for animals. Often times, animal habitats are located in the same places as the natural resources that humans want. In order to get to those natural resources, humans end up destroying animal habitat. For instance, bauxite must be mined from the rainforest floor in order to make aluminum. Before bauxite can be gathered, rainforest trees and plants must first be cut down to clear the land for mining. These rainforest trees and other plants provide food and homes to animals like the jaguar, the spider monkey, and the toucan. Without their rainforest habitat, these animals cannot survive. If we care about protecting animals and their habitat, we must do our best to use less of certain natural resources. For more information: