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Three Things YOU Can Do To Help Save Trees!

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Three Things YOU Can Do To Help Save Trees!

  1. Use less paper! Since most of our paper now comes from trees, using less paper can help save trees. Simple ways to save paper include:
    • Use both sides of a piece of paper before recycling it.
    • Use reusable plates and cups instead of throwaway paper plates and cups. Ask your parents to use travel mugs if they get their morning coffee at a coffee shop.
    • Use cloth napkins and towels instead of paper napkins and paper towels. Cloth napkins can be used at home during meals and they can be carried in your backpack for you to use at school. If you do use paper napkins, only take what you need, instead of grabbing a stack.
    • Wrap gifts in other things besides wrapping paper. Try using the funny pages of the newspaper or fabrics like old sheets and scarves.

  2. Use tree free paper! One day, all our paper will come from other plants besides trees. Plants like kenaf, sugarcane, bamboo, hemp and wheat straw can make great paper. This is called tree free paper and is a great way to save trees!
  3. Save the rainforests! Rainforests are magical forests that are full of life including animals like the jaguar, insects like the blue morpho butterfly, and native peoples like the U'wa. Most of the world's trees live in the rainforest and they are being cut down every day. If these trees disappear, the rainforests will disappear. You can write letters to help protect the rainforest and can also raise money to protect rainforest acres. Learn more about saving the rainforests