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Three Things YOU Can Do To Help Save Trees!

Threatened Forests

While it is okay to cut down trees for the things we need, sometimes too many trees are cut down in one forest. Clear-cutting is when every tree in an area is cut down, and it destroys that forest and the home of all the wildlife that lived there. Clear-cutting also makes it easier for floods to happen in logged areas, because the tree roots can no longer soak up rainwater when it rains. While some lumber companies replant trees in areas they have cut, they are only replanting one or two kinds of trees, which means they are planting a tree farm or plantation, not a forest. Remember, a forest is more than just trees. It is the collection of thousands of different plant, animal and insect species that have been living there for hundreds and thousands of years. It is possible to cut down trees without clear-cutting an entire area and some lumber companies are starting to do this. One thing we can do to help forests is to use less paper and recycle the paper we do use.