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food chainLions and Tigers and Bears, Oh My!

What do human beings have in common with lions, tigers, and bears? We are all consumers! Consumers are organisms that eat producers. There are four kinds of consumers called: herbivores, carnivores, omnivores and decomposers.

Herbivores only eat plants. Some examples of herbivores include deer, butterflies, and cows.

Carnivores only eat animals. Some examples of carnivores include: great white sharks, lions and Venus fly traps.

Omnivores such as humans, crows and bears eat both plants and animals.

Decomposers on the other hand, eat all the leftovers! Decomposers include worms, bacteria, fungi and certain insects. They eat all dead plants and animals that are in a state of decay or rot.

Here's a fun way to learn more about producers and consumers. (Select game at top left)