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Three Things YOU Can Do To Stay Safe With Mercury

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Three Things YOU Can Do To Stay Safe With Mercury

  1. NEVER play with mercury or use it for certain hobbies. Touching mercury and inhaling or breathing in its vapors can make you very sick.

  2. Your parents can get a FREE digital thermometer by trading in their old mercury one at three different San Francisco locations:

    • SF Environment 11 Grove St. at Hyde St.
    • UCSF Bookstore 500 Parnassus Ave. at Hillway & 3rd Ave.
    • SF Household Hazardous Waste Facility 501 Tunnel Ave. at Recycle Rd.

  3. If a mercury thermometer breaks, immediately leave the area and tell your parents to visit www.epa.gov/mercury/spills/index.htm#thermometer so they can learn how to clean it up as safely as possible.

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