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Those Pesky Pests!

How long have pests been around?

How do we control pests today?

Safer ways to keep pests away!

Four things YOU can do to keep pests away

How do we control pests today?

Today, there are many different ways to control pests. Ever since the 1940's poisonous, or toxic chemicals have been widely used to kill pests. These chemicals are called pesticides. The suffix "cide" means to kill. A herbicide kills weeds; a rodenticide kills rodents; a fungicide kills fungi and an insecticide kills insects. These toxic chemicals can contaminate the air, water and soil of our environment and can also hurt wildlife and human health.

If a label on a pesticide says caution, warning, danger, or poison, that means it contains toxins that are harmful. Containers that say "warning," "danger," or "poison" are more dangerous than ones that say "caution." Remember, just because something is sold in the store, doesn't mean it's good to use; and just because something is legal to use, doesn't mean it's safe to use.