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green buildingLocation, Location, Location

Different areas in your garden get different amounts of sunlight, wind and moisture. To save water, group together plants that need the same amounts of sunlight and water, and then place them in the right spot in your garden. For instance, if a plant needs full sunlight, put it in the center of the yard, instead of under a tree or against a shady wall. A good rule is to put plants that need a lot of water in low-lying or flat areas where water collects, or in the shade of other plants. It’s also helpful to put these plants near the hose where it is easy to water. Put plants that use less water in dry, sunny areas. Since these plants won’t need to be watered as often, it’s okay if they’re far from a hose. By grouping your plants in this way, you will waste less water and ensure that your plants will grow.

Make your own garden sun chart