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Use a Blanket of Mulch

Mulches are usually organic or living matter made from things like tree bark chips, leaves, straw or grass clippings. Mulch is like a blanket that covers your garden and keeps the soil moist and soft. Putting mulch on the ground around your plants helps keep plant roots cool and prevents the soil from getting dry and crusty. It also helps reduce water evaporation after you've watered your plants, and helps stop weeds from growing. As plants grow and spread, they'll cover the mulched areas. Inorganic or non-living mulches include rock and gravel. They are good for windy spots, because they're too heavy to blow away.

Here is a list of mulches you can use (scroll to bottom) http://www.gardenguides.com/TipsandTechniques/mulch/mulch-noframe.htm

Mulch can also be made from chocolate!