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What's a dinosaur doing in my gas tank?

Are there problems that come from using fossil fuels?

Air Pollution

Acid Rain

Global Warming

The Good News!

Solar Power

Wind Power

Tidal power

Eight things YOU can do to help save energy!

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energyWe all need Energy!

When we bake a birthday cake, ride a roller coaster, or fly in an airplane, we are using energy. Energy is what we need to makes things we use work. Energy can come in many forms like gasoline to run our cars, gas to heat our homes, or electricity to light our streets and freeze our food. Without being able to use energy in this way, our lives would be very different! Think about the things we use every day that require energy: computers, televisions, CD players, video games, radios, cars, buses, telephones, refrigerators, stoves and lights.