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Eight things YOU can do to help save energy!

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Eight things YOU can do to help save energy!

  1. Turn off the lights, computers, television and stereo when you are not using them.

  2. Use only the lights you need to use. Sometimes a small reading lamp is better than lighting the entire room.

  3. Ask your parents to use energy efficient light bulbs and appliances (labeled ENERGY STAR). These light bulbs and appliances are designed to use less energy.

  4. Put on a sweater when it's cold instead of turning up the heat. You can also snuggle under a lap blanket when watching TV and put an extra blanket on your bed.

  5. Ask your parents to weather-proof your home by sealing cracks in window and doors so that cold air can't come inside.

  6. On hot days, draw the curtains or shades to keep the sun out.

  7. Saving water also saves energy. Ask your parents to install a low-flow shower nozzle and toilet. They can also put an insulation blanket around your hot water heater.

  8. Save gas by carpooling, walking or riding your bike, or taking the bus and train.

Fun Games for Energy Conservation!