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Congratulations to these San Francisco schools for diverting between 50% to 97% of their waste from landfills by composting and recycling through Food to Flowers!

Schools listed have been honored for their outstanding environmental work at SF Environment's annual School Award Ceremony.

*(Year) = First Year in Food to Flowers! Program

Argonne Alternative (2002)
Bridgemont High and Junior High
Children's Day School (2004)
Clarendon Alternative (2003)
Commodore Sloat Elementary (2005)
Creative Arts Charter (2005)
DeMarillac Academy (2007)
Dianne Feinstein Elementary (2006)
Downtown High (2006)
El Dorado Elementary (2007)
ER Taylor Elementary (2002)
Fairmount Elementary (2001)
Grattan Elementary (2001)
Holy Name School (2004)
Jefferson Elementary (2002)
John Yehall Chin Elementary (2005)
Katherine Delmar Burke School
Lafayette Elementary (2005)
Lawton Alternative (2001)
Lick-Wilmerding High (2004)
Lowell High (2007)
Malcolm X Academy (2003)
Marshall Elementary (2002)
Mercy High (2002)
Monroe Elementary (2002)
Paul Revere Alternative (2004)
R. L. Stevenson Elementary (2003)
San Francisco Community School (2008)
San Francisco School (2004)
Sherman Elementary (2005)
St. Ignatius College Preparatory
Sunset Elementary (2002)
Sutro Elementary (2007)
Tenderloin Community School (2002)
Willie Brown Jr. Alternative (2006)
Yick Wo Elementary (2004)