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What Schools Are Saying About Food to Flowers!

Composting and Recycling Protect Nature!

" ... We recycle and compost. I think that by doing these things we help the environment a lot."

-6 th Grade Student

"...The kids learned a lot from your presentation and always make sure to put the proper items in either the recycle bin or compost bin. We are confident that our small program will be making a big difference in the world!"

- Si Se Puede! Learning Center's After-School Program

Food to Flowers! Empowers Students

"It is so important that kids are learning to compost at school. My daughters are now teaching me and encouraging us to compost at home!"

-Parent, Notre Dame des Victoires School

"The students LOVE to be compost monitors- they are doing a fabulous job!"

-Principal, Moscone Elementary School

"My students were inspired!"

-Middle School Teacher

"Our students are more conscientious [about composting and recycling]... They take pride in their school."

-3rd Grade Teacher

"Elementary children really like learning about their environment and teaching other children in their role as compost monitors."

-Elementary School Teacher

More than 100 City Schools Participate in Food to Flowers!

"Yes I would recommend Food to Flowers! to other schools!!! It is an important life lesson for the children to learn. It helps save the earth. It's just plain the right thing to do."

-Science Teacher

"Food to Flowers! is very successful. We just found out that our diversion rate jumped to 70% and we are very excited about it! The program seems to be running itself now."

-4th Grade Teacher

"We are delighted by the level of detailed support SF Environment provided."

- Teacher

"How can you improve on perfection!"

-Teacher (when asked for suggestions about improving the program)