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Composte PileFood to Flowers! Lunchroom Composting Program

See which schools  are composting! San Francisco is the first city in the nation to implement a school lunchroom composting program using the green cart system. This groundbreaking program called "Food to Flowers!" involves collecting leftover food and empty milk cartons in the school cafeteria. These leftovers get turned into compost instead of being dumped into local landfills where they create methane—a powerful greenhouse gas. With waste issues plaguing most US cities, we strive to create a model of environmental stewardship for other cities to follow by showing how every school can compost. Help protect nature and sign your school up for Food to Flowers! today.

For more information about the Food to Flowers! Program, call SF Environment at (415) 355-3742.

Food to Flowers! Brochure

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