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Five things YOU can do to help protect SF wildlife!

California Clapper Rail

The California Clapper Rail is an endangered bird that also lives in the salt marshes of San Francisco Bay. It is a secretive bird that prefers to run and walk rather than fly. It is also a good swimmer, but will only swim when necessary. Clapper Rails look a bit like hens and are most active in the early morning and late evening. Both the male and female Clapper Rail incubate or sit on their eggs, and raise their young.

The California Clapper Rail is endangered with extinction for several reasons. The main reason is because development is paving over, or otherwise destroying the salt marshes where they live. Another reason is because native animals like hawks and non-native animals like the red fox are eating the Clapper Rail and their eggs. The Clapper Rail is also endangered with extinction because toxic or poisonous materials like mercury are polluting the bay. When birds are poisoned by mercury, their eggs often won't hatch. Mercury fact sheet