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Five things YOU can do to help protect SF wildlife!

San Francisco Garter Snake

Called one of the "most beautiful serpents in North America," the San Francisco Garter Snake is an endangered species that can live to be ten years old. This colorful snake has stripes that are red, yellow, black, and greenish-blue. The San Francisco Garter Snake likes to eat frogs, fish, salamanders, slugs, birds, small mammals and earthworms, and prefers to live near water like marshes and ponds. It is a very good swimmer and will dive into the water when frightened.

Natural predators of the San Francisco garter snake include the red-tailed hawk, great blue heron, common king snake, and the long-tailed weasel. Other predators include non-native species like cats. The San Francisco Garter Snake is endangered with extinction for the same reason as many other endangered species...it is losing its habitat. This snake is also being taken illegally by people that like to collect different snakes and snake skins.