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How Does Your Garden Grow?

What is a garden?

What plants need

How plants breathe

Plants get energy from the sun

Plant food factories

Nutritious Soil

Plants need a drink

Pesky Pests

Plant Pals


Budding Gardeners

Five things you can do to garden

Nutritious Soil.

Just like people, plants need vitamins or nutrients to stay strong and healthy. Nutrients can be found in good, natural soil. Unfortunately, not all soil contains enough nutrients to grow strong plants. You can make the soil in your garden more nutritious for plants by adding fertilizer or soil food, which is full of vitamins. Many fertilizers sold in stores are made with chemicals that can poison our air, water, and land.

Compost on the other hand, is a natural fertilizer that does not contain poisonous chemicals. Compost looks like soil and is the dark color of chocolate. It’s crumbly, smells clean and fresh like the earth after it rains, and is full of nutrients that helps plants grow.