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How Does Your Garden Grow?

What is a garden?

What plants need

How plants breathe

Plants get energy from the sun

Plant food factories

Nutritious Soil

Plants need a drink

Pesky Pests

Plant Pals


Budding Gardeners

Five things you can do to garden

Plants need a drink.

Like all other living things, plants cannot live without water. Besides being an important part of photosynthesis, water carries nutrients from the soil to different parts of the plant. Nutrients in the soil dissolve or mix with water. Tiny hairs on the plant’s roots act like straws and suck up the water. Finally, the water moves from the plant’s roots and carries the nutrients up through its stem and into its leaves.

In order for plants in a garden to grow, you must make sure they have enough water. Check the soil around your plants every day. When the soil feels dry, use a watering can or gentle sprinkler until the soil feels as damp as a wrung out sponge. Remember that to conserve or save water you should only water your plants when they need it.

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